Rectorate, UIN News Online – Vice Rector for Cooperation Affairs of UIN Jakarta Andi Faisal Bakti receives visit by Dumplupinar University, Turkey at his office, Rectorate building, campus I of UIN Jakarta, Monday (04/29/2019). Also present in the event, Director of LP2M Jajang Jahroni and Head of International office Rachmat Baihaky.

Some Dumplupinar University Turkish officials who visited UIN Jakarta included Vice Rector Dumplupinar University, Kaan Erarslan, Assistant Vice Rector Dumplupinar University, Durmus Ozdemir and Blue Marmara Education Director, Doddy Cleveland and Achmal Junmiadi. The visit itself was conducted to exchange information and experience in managing higher education in Indonesia, especially at UIN Jakarta.

After the meeting, President Director of Biru Marmara Educkasi, Doddy Cleveland revealed that the purpose of their visit to UIN Jakarta was to obtain information about higher education institutional governance. “We want to get detailed information about the management of academic administration and institutional development at UIN Jakarta,” he said.

On the same occasion, Head of the International office of UIN Jakarta, Rachmat Baihakky explained, UIN Jakarta has a responsibility to develop science and Islam in Indonesia, one of which is working with several international universities.  “This visit is very useful for both institutions, and UIN Jakarta can provide academic and institutional information to several international universities,” said Baihaky. (usa)

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