Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online – UIN Jakarta provides at least 5,500 seats on new admissions of S1 program for 2017/2018 academic year. The amount is almost the same as last year and will be attained through various selections.

 As stated by the Head of Academic Administration, Student Affairs and Cooperation Drs Zaenal Arifin, MPd.I to UIN NEWS Online in rectorate building, Thursday (02/16/2017). “The capacity of UIN Jakarta ranges just in that number. It was taken into account by limited capacity of classroom, “he said.

According to Zaenal, the quota provided by UIN Jakarta are very limited. Whereas public interest is very high, so that many who are not accommodated. Last year, he said, the number of registry track who want to enter UIN Jakarta reached more than 120,000 from all selection entrances.

“We cannot do much about it. It is because limited capacity on seats quota, not all applicants accepted, “he said.

He also explained that the capacity and the percentage of each selection entrances are varying according to state universities portion. UIN Jakarta, for example, can accept varying numbers of new students who accepted through six selection entrances of 54 study programs.

From SNMPTN (achievement) itself, UIN Jakarta received only 30 percent in total. Then from SBMPTN (written test) accepts 30 percent, SPAN PTKIN 50 percent, UM PTKIN by 30 percent, and Independent selection 60 percent (40 percent of general study programs and 20 percent of religious study programs). While the rest is from special scholarship selection that the numbers between 5-10 percent.

Zaenal hopes the capacity of UIN Jakarta ahead will increasingly grow parallel with the higher interest from public. However, it is not likely in the near term remembering that UIN Jakarta still have limited land to put up new building. (im)

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