Rector Building, UIN NEWS Online– UIN Jakarta and the government of South Tangerang City weave a agreement on human resource development (SDM). This signing is done in the main courtroom, Rector Building, 2nd floor, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Thursday (31/03).

Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof DR Dede Rosyada, said, this agreement program is a continuation of UIN Jakarta program to being able to contribute for environment around campus and the whole community as the whole. “How could this campus be closer to the community. If we take a look at UIN mission, the current core business in the Islamic studies,” he explained.

He added, UIN Jakarta wants to make South Tangerang community to be more righteous and istiqomah. This agreement is built with the government of South Tangerang City and one ot UIN Jakarta’s support in realize the government’s vision and mission for the next five years.

“How can we promote righteous attitude to South Tangerang community with skill of technology and inovasion in the future. We will develop this alongside with the government’s program,” he added.

As an additional information, this year we have 500 lecturer sent to do reserches. The result not only will be documented as a reference, but also need to be studied and patented so it would become one of the innovasion in the future. “Later we will do the study to benefit the community so it would not just become a theory but also it could be developed in diciplines. We also would release certificate that could be recognized in the world of work, so after receiving this certificate, students is ready to be assigned anywhere,” he said.

In the same place, The Mayor of South Tangerang City, Airin Rachmy Diany, alongside with Regional Work Units (SKPD), said, this agreement is part of the city’s expectation in becoming civilized city which could compete in the world of technology. Meanwhile, to reach the goal there needs to be development on human resource.

“We stated this agreement with private parties, universities, and government, so it’s all connected. This agreement is already run for a while and needs to be developed if hasn’t improved and needs to be maintained if it has been gone smoothly,” he stated. (Translated by: Ihsan/Amanda)

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