Diorama Room, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta and Police Department of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of human resources development. Cooperation includes the delivery of education, training, assessment, research, and institutional development.

The signing ceremony was signed between UIN Jakarta Rector Dede Rosyada and Head of Bureau of Personnel Human Resources Staff of Police Headquarters Brigade General Pol Eky Harry Festiyanto at Diorama Room of UIN Jakarta campus, Monday (04/09/2018).

Rector in his speech hopes that cooperation with the police can be followed up well, especially by some related institutions. This cooperation is important because both institutions need each other. Even for UIN Jakarta this cooperation at the same time to increase institutional role.

 “The role of UIN Jakarta not only produces human resources, but also develops its institutions,” he said.

As a state institution, the Rector continued, UIN Jakarta also intends to transform the knowledge it developed into the National Police. More broadly UIN Jakarta wants to explain to the public about tolerant, Pluralist, and inclusive Islam.

“Since 1998 UIN Jakarta has been doing a lot of cooperation with various parties, especially with universities in the world in relation to democracy issues,” he said.

Meanwhile, Eky also welcomed the possibility of holding cooperation between Polri institution and UIN Jakarta. The cooperation is expected to contribute greatly to the effort to develop the Police institution, especially in the field of human resources.

Pak Tito Karnavian (Chief of Police) always conveys the message that every Regional Police must cooperate with one of the universities,” he said. (usa)

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