FIKES, UIN News Online – Kinanthi Dwi Nurbaiti and Adzdzikra Dzikrullah Adzkar, students of the 2015 Pharmacy Study Program (PSF) managed to qualify as Indonesian delegates at the 17th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) event held by the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation – Asia Pacific Regional Office (IPSF APRO) In Japan. Kinan and Zikra participated in competitions, symposiums, workshops, and cultural exchanges and thoughts with delegates from various countries in the Asia Pacific region.

APPS is an annual event for pharmaceutical students in the Asia Pacific region as a place to share knowledge and exchange ideas with delegates from various countries on pharmaceutical issues and education. The event held by IPSF APRO emphasized education and the development of self-potential obtained through various symposiums and workshops in accordance with their respective interests.

In this event the Regional Assembly also held a meeting to deliver the IPSF APRO Regional Working Group accountability report for one period. The APPS program is also a venue for cultural exchanges between countries through attractive performances performed by delegations from each country.

Kinan and Zikra were selected as APPS delegates in Japan after going through a selection involving all Indonesian pharmacy students who are members of ISMAFARSI (Association of All Indonesian Pharmacy Student Senates). In 2018 this is the third year of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta pharmacy students to qualify for this APPS. “Previously, in 2016, one delegation passed, 2017 was four delegations, and this year thank God, two delegates were able to escape. Even though it was really sad because I hadn’t been able to bring anything home (the prize prize), but hopefully this could be a motivation for the next pharmacy siblings to be able to achieve and carry the good name of the UIN Jakarta pharmacy in the national and international realm, ”said Zikra.

“Alhamdulillah, APPS 2018 Japan opened my horizons about the world of pharmacy in other countries and provided a lot of new knowledge and experience through the symposiums and workshops. In addition, this event also expanded my network with other pharmacy students in Southeast Asia. Said Kinan. (usa)

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