Jakarta, UIN News Online – In order to achieve the bureaucratic reform and integrity zone development, UIN Jakarta, along with other PTKIN sent its employees to participate in the PMPZI and e-Pokjar Technical Guidance, organized by Directorate General of Islamic Education (Ditjen Pendis), Ministri of Religious Affairs on Tuesday-Wednesday (February 26-27, 2018) at the Operation Room (OR), Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Acording to UIN Jakarta’s Head of Organization, Personnel and Legislation Division Yarsi Berlianti, this activity is considered very necessary in order to maximize the understanding in carrying out the data input process in Pengisian  Penilaian Mandiri Pembangunan Zona Integritas (PMPZI) application that is managed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

“This application is used as a means to maintain the consistency of UIN Jakarta towards corruption-free region and a Clean and serving bureaucracy region,” said Yarsi in her office, Friday (03/01/2019)

Separately, the representative of UIN Jakarta who participated in this activity, Sholehudin, explained that this application is a self-assessment instrument for the corruption-free region and a clean and serving bureaucracy region implementation progress.

According to Sholehudin, the assessment consists of two components, namely Enablers and Results. Enablers components consists of management changes, management restructuring plan, restructuring the HR management system, strengthening the performance and accountability, strengthening the supervision, and public services quality improvements. While the results component consists of clean government (corruption-free) and public services quality improvements.

“This activity is very useful in order to fill the UIN Jakarta’s PMPZI and E-Porkjab in 2019,” said Sholehudin. (usa)



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