Academic Building, UIN NEWS Online– Academic departement of UIN Jakarta opened graduation registration by online. It’s intended to ease students who has finished their study and intend to apply for graduation.

As the head of academic department UIN Jakarta, Ir. Yarsi Berlianti, said to UIN NEWS Online, when approached in his office, Thursday (07/04). “It’s done in order to increase our service to students and other academic civitas of UIN,” he said.

He added, other than to ease graduation registration for students, this service also intended to manage and documentation to be in order.

Online Graduation Registration procedure:

For students who have finished their study and have completed requirements to attend graduation, can register themself as gradution participant by going to Open menu to “pendaftaran wisuda” if the schedule is opened and quota is still available.

When applyig for graduation on AIS, students must complete and correct their information on AIS (especially their name and date of birth), read the title of their thesis in detail and thorough (if there is an error, immediately fix the error on the column provided), upload colored photo according to the criteria, upload the latest diploma certificate (for barchelor program, scan the highschool certificate), monitor their status on the registration on AIS, until their status stated to be valid in at least three days after registration.

Next, after applying as graduation participant, students will receive three registration status. Submitted, this status is granted to all applicants. Delayed, this status is where there is an error o photo or certificate that’s been uploaded, and valid if all data is complete according to the requirement.

Then, four days after submitting with valid status, student will receive their seat number at the graduation, gown size, and nametag listed on proof of registration which need to be printed and brought to the rehearsal and diploma retrieval, also transcripts.

Lastly, on the 5th day, for students who have valid status, required to submit photo with the size of 3×4 and 4×6 one sheet each to their own faculty. (Translated by: Ihsan/Amanda)

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