Rectorate. UIN News Online – Students of UIN Jakarta who are interested in becoming delegates in the Scientific Week of Sport, Arts and Research (PIONIR) in 2019 are asked to prepare themselves immediately. Hopefully, their early preparation can enable them to have maximum readiness when they have to compete with delegates from other universities.

This was conveyed by Sub-division Head of Talent Development and Student Interest Trisno Muh Riyadi to UIN News Online on Friday (01/11/2019). “We hope that students who are interested in becoming delegates of UIN Jakarta to prepare themselves,” said Trisno

Previously, Previously, the PTKIN Vice Rector III Forum in May 2018 recommended UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang as the host of the event. This activity is scheduled to take place on July 1-7, 2019.

“We are preparing the membership registration process. Hopefully, everything will be ready in early March,” he explained.

Based on the PIONIR technical guideline, there are 76 competitions that will be competed by the delegates. In the field of sports, for example, it consists of futsal, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and chess.

In the field of art, consists of calligraphy, poetry of the Koran, hadrah, short films, and the creation of Islamic songs. While in the field of research, branches are contested such as business plans, trauma healing innovations, learning media innovations, and constitutional debates. (usa)

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