Main Meeting Room, UIN NEWS Online-UIN Jakarta and Regional Office of Religious Affairs Ministry of DKI Jakarta established cooperation. The cooperation was conducted in the frame of human resource development, institutional, and scholarship to schools located within the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

This was conveyed by the Head of Regional Office of Ministry of Religious Affairs of DKI Jakarta Province Dr. H Abdurrahman MA, while giving his speech and conveying the purpose and objective of the cooperation, in front of the Rector of UIN Jakarta, Vice Rectors, Deans, Vice Deans, Heads of Bureaus, Head of Sub Division, and invited guests and media crews of both institutions on Thursday (06/07) at the Main Session Room in Rectorate Building.

He added that the cooperation is expected to encourage the progress of Human Resources (HR) in institutions under the auspices of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

“We as regional office are always open and accept brilliant ideas from academic community in UIN Jakarta, thus was carried out in order to promote human resources and scholarship in educational institutions located within the Ministry of Religious Affairs,” said head of regional office.

According to Abdurrahman, the cooperation between the two institutions has been established a time before, but has not been bound in a more formal agreement. Therefore, with this signing agreement, it is hoped that the cooperation which has been established increases and expands the network, so there will be a good cooperation with mutualism symbiotic.

“We would like to thank UIN Jakarta who has been willing and warmly welcomed this cooperation in improving the education quality within the Ministry of Religious Affairs,” said Abdurrahman.

At the same place, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA in his speech appreciated the cooperation initiated by the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. He hoped, with this cooperation, able to improve the quality of science at educational institutions located within the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

“It would be proper step, establishing cooperation in education with UIN Jakarta. That is because UIN Jakarta is currently representative enough in the development of sciences. In addition, faculties in UIN Jakarta has 80 percent been accredited ‘A’,” said the rector.

Still according to Dede, true cooperation is intended to improve the quality of the process, so it affects the improvement of quality results. In addition, this cooperation should further expand the network among educational institutions.

“This cooperation will be expected to facilitate scientific development for students, teachers (learning agents), and lecturers as a teaching scientist. Thus, teaching methods will always be updated in accordance with the time, “said Dede ended his speech. (usa-im)

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