Banten, UIN News Online – The Archive and Library Agency of Banten held the  Best Achieving Librarian 2016, which took place at the building of National Archives and Library of (BPAD) Banten, Tuesday (6/21).

One of the organizers of the National Archives and Library (BPAD) Drs Suhendar Yaya said, the election for the best librarian is a yearly event in the province of Banten.

“We hope, the appreciation of the government can stimulate and motivate the librarian to improve their competencies in the field of library management,” said Yaya.

Yaya also added that the winner of the best librarian in Banten would participate in the National Best Achieving Librarian 2016.

From the e-mail obtained by UIN News Online, the librarian from UIN Jakarta achieved the 3rd rank of the best-achieving librarian, and the 2nd place is occupied by Iman Sukwana, the librarian from BPAD Banten, as for the 1st position, it is attained by Muhammad Farid Wajdi, from IAIN Sultan Malik Hasanudin Banten. (sf/lrf/umar)

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