Rectorate, UIN News Online – Lecturer in a Faculty of Sharia and Law (FSH) UIN Jakarta, Dr Yayan Sopyan completed his research trip to Van Vollenhoven Institute, Universteit Leiden, the Netherlands. This research was conducted to deepen the study about customary law as well as the compliance of its communities in the archipelago.

In addition to the Van Vollenhoven Institute, Yayan deepening his study at several universities in the Netherlands from 2 July to 14 August. Among them are Utrecht University, Groningen University, and the University of Amsterdam.

“Alhamdulillah, with a Research Outbound Research Scholarship grant from LP2M UIN Jakarta, I can deepen my research on the existence of customary law in the archipelago,” said Yayan to UIN News Online, Friday (08/31/2018).

Yayan explained, society and customary law have begun to erode due the times as well as the presence of civil law and common law in the Indonesian legal system. “But in a number of regions, communities and customary law are still relatively able to survive,” he explained.

One of them is the law of Lubuk Larangan. This customary law is one of the few customary laws that still survive and adhere to local communities in West Sumatra.

One form of customary law contained in the law of Lubuk Larangan is a prohibition for residents to take fish that live in the bottom of a predetermined river. Anyone who violates it will be given customary sanctions, and the community obeys and respects this customary law.

“Due to great benefits for both people and the environment, the law of Lubuk Larangan continues to grow not only in the West Sumatra region, but spreads to neighboring provinces such as Jambi, Riau and North Sumatra,” he added.

Luckily, continued Yayan, when he passed the selection, he got Prof Adriaan W. Bedner as his supervisor. The director of the Van Vollenhoven Institute is an expert professor on Indonesian law and society. “He is very concerned and always helps the research process,” he explained.

According to his plan, his research trip will be outlined in several articles for journal publications. In addition, the results of his research will be outlined in the form of the Law Anthropology book that he is currently working on.

Furthermore, Yayan admitted, his visit to the Netherlands greatly helped his research writing process. The fairly complete bibliographies and facilities, including his supervisor are very helpful for his research process.

I hope UIN Jakarta continues to develop this program. The lecturers are given the opportunity to do serious research with the best academic climate, it will have a positive impact on UIN Jakarta,” said Yayan (usa)

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