Gd. Rector, UIN NEWS Online– UIN IAIN Manado and Jakarta signed a cooperation agreement covering the development of education student exchange program (student exchange), help faculty, research and publications. The signing of the cooperation was the leadership of the two universities, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr. Dede Rosyada MA and Rector IAIN Manado Dr Rukmina Gonibala M.Si, at the rectorate of UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (20/02).

Rector of UIN Jakarta, accompanied by Vice Rector Prof. Cooperation Dr. Murodi MA and the Head of Research and Community Service (LP2M) Dr. Salim Arskal GP. MA, highly appreciated the cooperation of the two institutions. He hoped that the cooperation which was signed by UIN Jakarta – Manado IAIN can improve the quality of education at both institutions.

In fact, the president wished the realization of this cooperation to not be any lesser of importance. “We highly appreciate this cooperation, and we hope the importance of this cooperation can be realized. Thus, the two institutions could soon grow to become better, “he hoped.

On the same occasion, the Rector of Manado, accompanied by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Yasin M.Si and Head of Administration, Bureau of Public Relations & Household fed Moh Fitri Adam SHI, expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of UIN Jakarta acceptances. He hoped that the cooperation can support the development efforts IAIN Manado.

“As a new campus STAIN be transformed from IAIN, of course, still needs a lot of input ideas, suggestions, and sharing experiences with UIN Jakarta who also went through those times,” he explained.

In addition, IAIN Manado still needs help with the instructors for the faculties and departments which recently opened, such as Islam and Islamic Business Theology & Economics. UIN IAIN Jakarta Manado invited to join in Sandwich Program, which was established by Western Sidney University (WSU), Australia. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee Peters)

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