SC Field, UIN News Online – Foreign Languages Association (FLAT) UIN Jakarta in collaboration with Indonesian Scrabble Federation (ISF) held “The Nationals Scrabble Tournament”, taking place at Student Center (SC) Hall, (July 14-16).

The tournament, which was participated by 59 participants from Jakarta, Bogor, Lampung, Bukit Tinggi and Padang was divided into three levels, that is, Master, Intermediate, and Youth. The youth level participated by high school students or equivalent, while for the master and intermediate level are participated by university students.

Deputy Chairman of ISF Ario Ananada Lipianto to UIN News Online said that the number of scrabble enthusiast has been growing rapidly. “Many students of UIN Jakarta participated in this activity, by seeing their high interests, we finally took the initiative to hold this tournament in UIN Jakarta,” he said.

He added that any Indonesian people may join the Indonesian Scrabble Federation. Because, the main purpose of this activity is to accommodate participants in channeling their interests and talents.

In the same occasion, sub division head of Student Talent and Interest UIN Jakarta Raden Trisno Muh. Riyadhi SKom MM said that he appreciated this activity. He also expressed his gratitude to ISF who gave the opportunity to UIN Jakarta in hosting this event.

“This is the first time UIN Jakarta to host this event. Hopefully, FLAT and ISF can socialize this activity to Students and surrounding communities,” said Trisno.

Meanwhile, Head of Skill Development FLAT UIN Jakarta Intan Qomariah said that FLAT itself would like to introduce scrabble to civitas academica of UIN Jakarta. “Hopefully, scrabble enthusiast in UIN Jakarta will be increased in near future,” she hoped. (usa)

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