FK, UIN News Online – Faculty of Medicine (FK) UIN Jakarta holds the 39th hippocratic oath, Tuesday (01/12/2022) held at MK Tadjudin auditorium, Campus II of UIN Jakarta.

Present in the event, Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis, University senate secretary Armai Arief, Dean of FK UIN Jakarta Hari Hendarto, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs FK UIN Jakarta Flori Ratnasari, Deputy Dean for General Administration Fika Ekayanti, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs and Cooperation FK UIN Jakarta Endah Wulandari, Medicine Department Head Achmad Zaki, and Physician Profession Department Head Femmy Nurul Akbar.

Also present in the event, President Director of Fatmawati Hospital Andi Saguni, Chairman of the South Tangerang Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Fajar Sidik, a number of lecturers, and parents/guardians of graduates.

Rector Amany in her remarks said appreciates and congratulates the newly appointed physicists.  She also expressed her gratitude to all partners of FK UIN Jakarta who have collaborated with FK UIN Jakarta in accelerating the entire learning process.  “Congratulations to all new appointed doctor. To all partners, we thank you for your cooperation, hopefully we can continue our commitment for the benefit of the community,” said Rector

She also added that FK UIN Jakarta graduates should be able to carry out their duties as doctors anywhere in Indonesia, including in remote areas to serve and provide humanitarian assistance to the community.

“The physicist’s job is not only to deal with health problems but also to serve as a consultant for the community. Therefore, physicists who graduated from the FK must equip themselves with knowledge in various perspectives, both from a sociological perspective, a psychological perspective, a legal perspective, and a religious perspective,” said Rector Amany.

Meanwhile, Dean of FK UIN Jakarta Hari Hendarto hope that the newly appointed physicians can maintain and carry out the oath they are taken. According to Hari, being a physician is an honored call to protecting the public health.

“ As an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine UIN Jakarta, you must be able to maintain the good name of your alma mater. Make this profession as a means to serve the community,” said Hari. (usa)

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