Ciputat, UIN News Online – More than 17000 applicants entered the UIN Jakarta Selection of New Student Admission (SPMB) Mandiri selection on Saturday (06/02/2017). Selection is done at a number of location points, both on campus 1 and campus 2.

Head of Sub Division of Publication and Documentation Feni Arifiani MH said, there are some participants who came late. It is understandable considering they still do not adapt either time or place.

“We understand it. Because, they do not understand the situation in UIN Jakarta,“ he said.

The tardiness of the participant, according to him, is often happened because the traffic to UIN Jakarta campus always jammed if there are big events like entrance exam or graduation. Therefore, he asked the participants to anticipate the jam by coming to campus earlier in the morning.

“the tardiness is not a problem. It’s just that participants are not given additional time when filling questions. Everything still must be done according to schedule which has been determined, “explained Feni.

In regard to the concerns of participants about the decreasing points on false anwers, Feni explained that in the selection of SPMB Mandiri, the participants who has false answers did not actually affect the test scores. In other words, the wrong answers will not decrease the point.

“So, the participants do not have to worry about the decreased points because of wrong answer,” he said. (usa)

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