Rectorate, UIN News Online – More than 15000 applicants participate in the UIN Jakarta local recruitment selection test on Saturday (06/22//2019). The selection process is carried out on several locations.

Head of Head of Academic Affairs Division of UIN Jakarta Rasi’in to UIN News Online revealed that the total SPMB Mandiri participants this year reached 15,355 people. “They were divided into two groups of tests, paper based test (PBT) with a total of 14,900 participants and computer based test (BCT) with a total of 455 participants,” said Rasi’in.

Rasi’in also added that UIN Jakarta also facilitated the selection process for 8 disabled applicants with four facilitators.

“Hopefully we can support their effort in following this selection process,” he added.

Meanwhile, UIN Jakarta’s Sub-division head for publication and documentary Samsudin said there are some participants who came late.  “It is understandable considering they do not understand the situation right here in UIN Jakarta,” said Samsudin.

According to Samsudin, this situation is often happened because the traffic to UIN Jakarta campus always jammed if there are big events like enrollment test or graduation. Therefore, he asked the participants to anticipate it by coming earlier in the morning.

In regard to the concerns of participants about the decreasing points on false anwers, Samsudin explained that in the SPMB Mandiri, the false answers did not actually affect the test scores. In other words, the wrong answers will not decrease the point.

“So, the participants do not have to worry about the decreased points because of wrong answer,” he said. (usa)

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