NICT Building, UIN NEWS Online– In order to provide support and appreciation to Civil Servants (PNS) UIN Jakarta who will enter retirement period, the Employment Organization and Legislation Division of the General Administration and Employment Bureau (AUK) UIN Jakarta held Workshop Briefing of ASN ahead of retirement in UIN Jakarta, Monday (05/14/2018), located at NICT Building Kerta Mukti, Campus II UIN Jakarta.

This was conveyed by Head of Sub Division Personnel, Ahmadi SAP MSi, to UIN NEWS Online on the sidelines of the training.

According to Ahmadi, the activity that followed by at least 60 participants, aims to provide moral support to all pension candidates to be better prepared to face retirement which sometimes for some people is quite a scary specter.

The workshop was officially opened by the Chief of Staffing Organization and Legislation (OKP), Ir Yarsi Berlianti and accompanied by Head of Organization and Management Sub-Section Joko Sukarno SH, and Head of SAP MSi Ahmadi Subdivision and Head of Legal Regulation Sub-division Yunas Konefi SH MPd.

Meanwhile, the Head of AUK Bureau, Dr H. Rudy Subiantoro MPd, representing the Rector of UIN Jakarta, said that the leaders really appreciate the implementation of the event. Rudi hopes, hopefully all of these retired candidates can really enjoy retirement with a pleasant mood, with a variety of planning that has been designed previously.

The workshop entitled “Pensiun itu Menyenangkan” presents a number of competent sources, including Prof. Dr. Abdul Mujib MAg (Psychologist), Emi Parmisuri (PT TASPEN), Alwazir SH MSI (BKN Kanreg V Jakarta) and Representative of Bank BRI and Bank Mandiri .

In his presentation, Abdul Mujib said that retirement should be faced with pleasure. Meanwhile, pleasure depends on how perceptions it builds.

“Therefore, a positive perception of retirement should be built from the beginning so as to make retirement really fun,” said Mujib.

Meanwhile, Emi, in this forum conveys information about detail about Retirement Savings (TASPEN).

From the monitoring of NEWS UIN Online in the field, in general this activity runs smoothly. Participants in attendance look so enthusiastic with the interesting material presented by the speakers. This activity is expected to inspire all participants to really be able to face retirement with more fun. (usa)

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