UIN Field, UIN NEWS Online – About 7,500 UIN Jakarta new students attended the rehearsal for opening ceremony of the introduction of Academic and Student Culture (PBAK) at the UIN campus in Jakarta on Friday (08/24/2018). The ceremony was led by Vice Rector for Student Affairs Yusron Razak and was attended by the Head of the Academic Administration, Student Affairs and Cooperation Bureau Zaenal Arifin and a number of other Jakarta UIN officials.

The dress rehearsal ceremony lasted for about three hours, starting from the opening procession to closing the event. The ceremony involved elements of the Student Council, Student Senate, and a number of student activity units (UKM), such as the Marching Band, Student Regiment, and Student Choir.

According to the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of PBAK Zaenal arifin, the rehearsal ceremony was held so that the opening of the PBAK which would be held on August 27 2018 would run smoothly according to schedule. In fact, these activities also serve as evaluation material to prepare for better PBAK implementation.

“We have held coordination meetings several times between the organizing committee and the implementing committee. Today the implementation of PBAK is trying to be our title so that it is known where the shortcomings are,” he said.

Unlike previous years, PBAK participants this year were quite large. Therefore, it takes extra work for the committee to prepare it, especially about the mobilization of participants from and to the location of the event.

Not only that, the use of campus facilities, such as toilets and wudu facilities, have better preparation so that participants do not experience difficulties when fulfilling their obligations and obligations. We have anticipated all these facilities and prepared them, he said.

As reported, the implementation of PBAK for the 2018/2019 academic year students will be held on August 27-30 2018. The annual event aims to introduce the campus environment to freshmen before attending the lecture in early September.

PBAK is conducted in two sessions, namely university sessions and faculty / department sessions. The material that will be given includes universality and faculties, student affairs, as well as problems with the academic administration system. (usa)

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