Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta carries out training activities for the e-SMS dashboard application, Wednesday (03/13/2019) at the General Administration and Civil Service Bureau meeting room, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

This training activity was attended by all e-SMS Dashboard administrators. Present as the instructor, representatives of the Directorate General of Islamic Education Ministry of Religion, including Abdul Hamid Cebba and Wilda Farah.

“e-SMS is an application that can help PTKIN in realizing Governance University, Teaching University, Research University and Global University,” said Cebba

According to Cebba, the key in filling out the e-SMS Dashboard is the good cooperation between all stakeholders in each work unit, especially at the leadership level, to present the correct answers along with the supporting evidence they have.

“It is expected that the entire e-SMS Dashboard can be completed before March 25, 2019,” he said.

In this training activity, all participants were given a complete tutorial on how to fill in the e-SMS Dashboard, including how to select the answers to each question asked along with supporting data (evidence) that must be uploaded or displayed as evidence. (usa)

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