Cibubur, UIN NEWS Online—The Publication and Documentation Team and representatives from the Academic Division of UIN Jakarta attended the invitation of SMA Labschool to socialize the mechanism to be able to gain knowledge on campus having their address at Ciputat. The socialization was held on Thursday (01/25/2018), located at Hall SMA Labschool, Cibubur, East Jakarta.

The event which held the theme “Career Day SMA Labschool Cibubur 2018”, received a warm welcome from the students, which amounted to no less than 150 participants, consisting of teachers, students, and guardians

In the event, besides holding a program of guidance and counseling services for students, also held seminar on the entrance of state universities. Orientation and information about the college is certainly very beneficial for the school concerned in order to be able to increase the percentage of students who enter public universities with the desired majors.

As reported by, Labschool has increased the percentage of admission in public universities significantly. Highschool students Labschool Cibubur in the second year has a percentage of 47 percent who successfully accepted in the PTN with different departments and faculties. Predicted, that number will continue to increase in the following years.

For info, UIN Jakarta sent four employees to the event. Two people each from the documentation and publication section, two others from the academic department.

One of the employees who was sent from Pubdok, Samsudin to NEWS UIN Online said that their came in order to provide information about the entry routes UIN Jakarta.

“Currently, as we know, incoming entry exam that have been opened includes SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and SPAN PTKIN. We think it’s necessary to socialize some new policies in this year related to these exams,” explained the man who has the nickname called Bang Din.

Still according to Bang Din, students appear enthusiastic and focused to follow the course of the event. Some of them asked questions concerning the entry points of UIN Jakarta, as well as the lecture system and even scholarship opportunities offered by UIN Jakarta. (usa-rs)

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