Bogor, UIN News Online – In order to increase the competencies of UIN Jakarta employees especially in the field of administrative services, UIN Jakarta held an activity entitled “Pelatihan Pengembangan Kompetensi Pegawai (P2KP)” at Via Renata Hotel, Cimacan, Puncak, West Java, (September 15-16,2017).

Present in the event, Vice Rector for Cooperation of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Murodi MA, AUK Bureau Chief Dr. H Rudi Subiyantoro MPd, Ministry of Religious Affairs Staffing Bureau Chief Drs H Ahmadi SAg represented by Sujoko SH MH as well as UIN Jakarta’s Division and Sub-division Heads.

In his speech, Murodi appreciated the implementation of the event. He hopes, this training can improve the competence of UIN Jakarta employees to create a better work culture.

“The quality of administrative services in UIN Jakarta will be satisfactory if the employees have good competencies,” he said.

According to Murodi, there should be a more formal training and education to enhance the skill and competencies of UIN Jakarta’s employees in near future. By providing formal education, it is expected that the employees can absorb, apply and transmit a good work culture in UIN Jakarta.

“In 2018, please provide a formal training for UIN Jakarta employees, whether in or outside the country. The training was conducted to improve the work performance in UIN Jakarta environment,” said Murodi.

In the same place, Rudi Subiyantoro as the party responsible for the event said that this activity aims to improve the competencies of UIN Jakarta employees especially in the field of public administration.

“This activity is expected to give positive contribution for the employees in improving their performances. This will affect the increasing quality of service in UIN Jakarta environment,” said Rudi.

Based on UIN News Online Observation, this event is not only filled with learning activities, this activity will also be filled with games that can improve togetherness and solidarity. (usa)

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