Madya Hall, UIN News Online – UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta held a Diphtheria Vaccination for all students aged not more than 19 years old. The vaccine was held on Thursday (1/11), located at Madya Hall, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The activities that were carried out by the cooperation between UIN Jakarta Hospital and South Tangerang Health Office provided four thousand vaccines according to the data of the students who were 19 years old.

To the team of NEWS UIN Online, the coordinator of RS UIN Jakarta delegation, dr Mala Hayati said that this activity is one of the concerns of RS UIN Jakarta to the health of the students. More specifically, in an effort to prevent the spread of Diphtheria virus.

“This activity is one of the immunization of Diphtheria (Outbreak Response Immunization) held at the initiation of UIN Jakarta Hospital in accordance with government instruction and in cooperation with the South Tangerang Health Office,” said Mala.

Still according to him, the quota provided for students is not less than 4000 people. However, considering the teaching and learning process at the campus is still in the holiday atmosphere, then the provision of vaccination will be held back when learning has begun.

More than that, Doctor Mala also gives an overview of the virus that is now endemic, namely Diphtheria. Mala explained that diphtheria symptoms are not much different from inflammatory diseases.

“Patients will feel tremendous pain in the throat, high fever, and respiratory disturbed. This is due to a white layer that blocks the respiratory tract. Well, if inflammation does not exist white layer, usually only red, “he explained.

At the end of his explanation, Mala hopes that the students will attend the free vaccination. In addition, he advised us to maintain a good lifestyle and use a mask when it comes to someone who has the signs mentioned.

At the same venue, when interviewed by UIN Online NEWS team, two female students from vaccination from FKIK, Fadhilah and Ratna said that he and most of his fellow students welcomed and appreciated the activity.

“This is one of the awareness of UIN Jakarta Hospital against the phenomenon that is currently membuming. We are very excited and appreciative of this activity, and hope other fellow students are active and take the time to be together to maintain health. One of them followed this diphtheria vaccination, “said Fadhilah who diamini Ratna.

From the observation team of UIN Online NEWS looks, since the start of the activity, at around 09.00 WIB, students continue to come and fill the hall room Madya, and register themselves then get a turn to be given diphtheria vaccine. (usa-rs)

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