FITK Building, UIN News Online— Firdaus Habibi, the 6th-semester student from Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta, is chosen to participate in the 4th ASEAN Future Leaders Summit 2016 along with other 14 students from various universities in Indonesia.  This program intends to create a networking platform for participants to share ideas and knowledge on critical issues of higher education, leadership and student participation to aid in policy making and to create a sustainable tomorrow for the young generation.

The event organized by the Postgraduate Students Association Universiti Sains Malaysia was conducted in Malaysia and Thailand and lasted for 13 days, Wednesday-Monday (13-25 / 07/2016). The representatives from Indonesia finally achieve the third best in the Sustainable Development Goals presentation.

When met by UIN News Online team, Habibi feels so grateful that he is able to participate in the event. “I need to compete with 900 candidates from other ASEAN countries, and only 14 candidates from Indonesia who passed the selection.” Said Habibi.

He also added that by following this event, he could find out the problems faced by ASEAN countries today. “I attended several activities, including Leadership workshop on “Ensuring the Quality Leadership of ASEAN Future Leaders with 10 Qs,” participated in the plenary session, and also attend the Sustainable Development Goal presentation, which has been carried out in each country.” He explained. (ahmad hamdani/lrf/ika p/umar)

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