Syahida Inn, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta facilitates the implementation paper writing for the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) Echelon II candidates, Wednesday (09/15/2021). UIN Jakarta is one of 26 institutions within the MORA that are trusted to facilitate the implementation of these activities.

 The secretary General of the Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs Nizar Ali revealed that the paper writing test was a continuation of the previous test, namely the Competency Assessment test. In this stage, echelon II candidates are asked to compile, describe ideas, innovations, solutions if elected as high-ranking officials at MORA.

“In leading their work units, high ranking officials must have ideas, innovations, and solutions,” said Nizar.

Nizar also hope that this selection process can produce high integrity officials, competent, professional, and responsible.

Meanwhile, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis also hopes that the vacant positions at the Ministry of Religious Affairs will be filled with strong and responsible figures.

“Hopefully this selection process will produce responsible and professional high ranking officials,” said Rector Amany. (usa)

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