Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta will realize the new UIN Jakarta campus in Singapore. This realization was taken after UIN Jakarta and the local Islamic higher education institution, Jamiyyah Education Center, Singapore, agreed to open a higher education program in the field of Islamic studies on 2016.

Located in the Main Meeting Room, Thursday (07/05/2018), the leader of UIN Jakarta and head of Jamiyyah Education Center held a technical meeting on the program implementation. Present in the event, Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada, Vice Rector for Cooperation Prof Dr Murodi, Dean of Ushuluddin Faculty Prof. Dr. Masri Mansoer, Dean of Sharia and Law Faculty Dr. Asep Saepudin Jahar, and Jamiyyah Education Center of Singapore Chairman of Prof. Dr. Husein Muthalib.

Rector in his remarks welcomes the cooperation realization between UIN Jakarta and Jamiyyah Education Center,”As an Islamic higher education institution, we feel this is a challenge that must be faced by UIN Jakarta. Hopefully, it can be realized as soon as possible,” said Dede.

Rector also added that he hoped the related parties involved in this cooperation process to immediately prepare the necessary resources so that the program can be implemented as soon as possible.

Meanwhile Jamiyyah Education Center of Singapore Chairman of Prof. Dr. Husein Muthalib whet met by UIN News Online team after the meeting expressed the hope of the Singapore Muslim community to quickly have a college that specifically offers Islamic studies. “We expect this to be a good start, and hopefully, will provide benefits for both sides,” he hoped.

Hussin said that his party deliberately chose UIN Jakarta as a partner of Islamic higher education institution in Singapore. Aside from being a representative of Indonesia’s large Islamic university, the resources of Islamic teaching lecturers in UIN Jakarta are also considered to be more adequate than other universities.

As the first phase, the Islamic studies program will focus on two clusters of Islamic scholarship, namely Ushuluddin and Syariah. Therefore, the two Islamic faculties involved in the first process are the Faculty of Ushuluddin (FU) and the Faculty of Sharia and Law (FSH).

“Hopefully we can quickly finish the technical matters soon as possible. Because both institutions have agreed to realize this program,” he explained.

Head of Center for International Cooperation (CIC) Rachmat Baihaky MA added that the program has been planned since 2016 ago. But in addition to the higher education regulations that prohibit remote classroom programs, the opening of the program also requires considerable technical and infrastructure readiness.

“After going through a long process, we agree that this is not a distant class, but this is the UIN Jakarta campus located in Singapore. If all this time there are UIN Jakarta campus 1, 2, 3 or 4, then this is the campus 5, where standards and services will remain the same,” said Baihaky.

For the courses itself, will focused on Al-Quran and Tafsir and Ahwal al-Syakhshiyah Study Program. In this program, the core course will be lectured by lecturers of UIN Jakarta, while the selected courses and local will be taught by local lecturers. (usa)

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