Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online – UIN Jakarta through Community Service Center (PPM) will expand its service program to South Tangerang city community in 2018. The dedication is done through the realization of capacity building program of bureaucracy resources and Tangerang Selatan city residents based on cooperation agreement of UIN Jakarta and local municipalities.

This was conveyed by Chairman of PPM UIN Jakarta Djaka Badranaya ME to NEWS UIN Online at PPM office, 2nd floor of Rectorate Building UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (12/6/2017). As a university in South Tangerang, he explained, UIN Jakarta has a moral and academic obligation to strengthen the bureaucracy and citizenship of the local community.

“In essence, this is also not separated from the wishes of the Mayor (Airin Rachmy Diani SH M.Kn) who want to improve the strengthening of bureaucratic resources in the municipal government and the community itself Tangsel,” he explained.

Strengthening the capacity of bureaucratic resources, he added, was conducted by UIN Jakarta by facilitating the training of civil apparatuses in various task units of South Tangerang City Government. Two of them are education and training (training) for functional planners and researchers of Tangerang Selatan City Government and training for civil apparatus of regional finance management unit.

The training for functional planners and researchers is planned to be realized in February followed by 35 civil apparatus in the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) and regional government organizations (OPD) in South Tangerang City. The plan, the training is held for 10 days or the equivalent of 80-100 hours of lessons.

The material of his own training is chosen material which is expected to have a direct impact on public policy making related to the interests of local people. Among them is development planning materials, technocratic development approach, development budgeting, linearity of RPJMD program, linearity of program with vision of mayoral mission, management strategy in public sector.

“The desired goal is how the determination of public policy of South Tangerang municipal government can really meet the needs of social development goals of local communities,” he said.

Still in the line of local civil administration apparatus, capacity building is done by facilitating regional financial management training. This facilitation is required for financial reporting within the municipal government in accordance with the reporting format established by the central government. Others, for the management of regional finances can also be done effectively, efficiently, and optimally for social development, economy, local infrastructure.

To strengthen the resources of the community, the lecturer of Faculty of Economics and Business, UIN Jakarta through PPM will also send at least 50 students through the Work Collaboration Course of Thematic Self Collaboration from next year. The KKN program, which will be followed by various universities in Tangsel City, will be focused on mapping and handling environmental and poverty issues.

Still in the same sector, UIN Jakarta will also provide a short training of digital entrepreneurship soft skill and creative economy for high school graduates with Tangsel ID card. Training is provided as a preparation for the young generation of Tangsel who are not continuing their higher education to the world of work.

When opening the Accrual Based Regional Financial Reporting System Training in Tangmen City Government for 30 accountants and financial staff of Tangsel City Government, in UIN Jakarta, Monday (11/20/2017), Tangsel Mayor Airin Rachmy Diani SH, MH, M.Kn said , training activities for state civil servants are aimed at strengthening the capacity of bureaucratic resources. And, strengthening the capacity of resources into leadership commitments.

According to her, capacity building is needed because it is closely related to realization of social development program of South Tangerang city. “Increased capacity is not self, but for everything. How this training is related to improving people’s welfare. That is important, ” she explained. (usa-rs)

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