LP2M, UIN News Online — In order to support the Ministry of Religious Affairs to carrying out the mandate of The Bill of Halal Product Guarantee, UIN Jakarta through the Institute for Research and Community Service established the Center for Study and Development of Halal Products (P4H).

“The Bill of Halal Product Guarantee was finally approved by the House of Representatives in 2014 and will become effective in 2017. We have set the officials, and it will be launched soon.” Said the Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service Prof. Dr. Arskal Salim GP., MA to UIN News Online team, Tuesday (9/6/2016).

In the first meeting on Friday (8/26/2016) Arskal recommend the next step to socialize the existence of P4H to the Minister of Religious Affairs. “We have made an audience request letter to the Minister of Religious Affairs which signed by the Rector of UIN Jakarta.” He added.

The Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada said that UIN Jakarta need full supports from the academic society to create the effective and efficient halal food warranty system. “We will describe the existence of the institution later in the hearing” Said Dede.

Based on UIN Jakarta Rector Decree Number 2109 on June 2016, The P4H is chaired by Dr. Ir Nadratuzzaman and Dr. Muhammad Yanis Musdja MSc as the Program Coordinator. Prof Dr. Dede Rosyada MA, Prof Dr. Abdul Hamid MS, Prof Dr. Murodi MA and Prof Dr. Arskal Salim GP MA Ph.D. will act as a board of advisors.

Meanwhile, the board of Researchers consists of 13 person, namely Prof Dr Muhammad Said, Dr Dasumiati, Dr Ir Edmon Danis MP, Dr Zilhadia MSi Apt, Ismiani Komala MSc PhD Apt, Dr Ahmad Tjachja Nugraha MP, Anna Muawanah MSi, Sri Yadial Chalid MSi, Dede Sukandar MSi, Dr Ali Hanafiah MA, Dr Ahmad Rojali Jawab Lc MA, Dr Arief Mufraini Lc MSi and Dr Tantan Hermansyah MSi. (mf/ika p/umar)

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