Pustiknas Building, UIN News Online – The Center for Language Development (PPB) of UIN Jakarta organized a Workshop entitled “English for Communication (staff)”. The purpose of the workshop is to improve the English language skill for the employees of UIN Jakarta. Prof Jayakaran Mukunandan Ph.D., the visiting professor from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), will be presented as a speaker for this workshop.

In his presentation, Jayakaran asserted that all employees in the private and government offices should have foreign language skills. “Every employee must be able to know a simple or basic conversation that is commonly used in in everyday life, especially in their workplace.” He said.

For Information, the participants who attended the workshop consist of administrative staff, waiters, language center staff, custodians, and other employees from UIN Jakarta institutional structure. The workshop material consists of learning and practicing Basic English vocabularies than are commonly used in daily life. (rdr/lrf/umar)

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