UIN NEWS Online— Education, Research, and Community Service are three things that could not be seperated in University activity. As one of the biggest and oldest islamic university in Indonesia, UIN Jakarta gives social contribution that’s significant to the public.

As rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, remarked when giving greetings on the signing of a collaborative research and community service also human resource development (SDM) with the government of South Tangerang City, Thursday (31/03) in the main courtroom (RSU), Rector Building, 2nd floor.

“UIN Jakarta as part of society should be able to synergize knowledge with society needs. As a university based on religion, UIN needs to give benefit toward the community,” he explained.

He added, with UIN Jakarta placed in South Tangerang City, UIN needs to give change the community’s state of mind and also their mindset and attitude, especially when Indonesia is faced with Economic Community of ASEAN (MEA) regional market which could not be avoided.

“Economic Community of ASEAN (MEA) is one of the imaginatif concept that came true, so we need to invite our community to think more globally in facing this regional competition,” he added.

Meanwhile, the mayor of South Tangerang City, Airin Rachmy Diany SH M.Kn. M.H., said, University involvement, in this case UIN Jakarta, is highly needed knowing that the output would give a positive impact for the community.

“By signing the MoU between the government of South Tangerang City and UIN Jakarta, it is confirmed that UIN Jakarta’s presence in South Tangerang City is highly needed. I hope that together, we could reach the government’s visiona and mission towards smart, high quality, and competitive community in technology and inovasion” he explained. (Translated by: Ihsan/Amanda)

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