Redaction Room, UIN News Online – To increase UIN Jakarta Webometrics ranks, website and editorial team hold a weekly meeting, Wednesday (8/3). The meeting is led by the Head of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (BAUK) Dr. H Rudi Subiyantoro M.Pd, and attended by Subdivision Head of Documentary and Publication, Feni Arifiani MH, Head of Center for International Cooperation (PLKI), Rachmat Baihaky, MA, and the editorial team from UIN News Online.

He appreciates the Webometrics ranking achievement of UIN Jakarta who increased substantially like today and looking forward to the improvement of UIN Jakarta website by updating its contents.

“PR (Public Relation) and website teams are the eyes, ears, and mouth of UIN Jakarta. The eyes are how UIN Jakarta sees reality in society, ears how we were able to hear the information, advice, feedback, even constructive criticism from the public, and mouth as a means to deliver any policy from the leaders and to answer every question addressed to UIN Jakarta,” he said.

He also added that UIN Jakarta is expected to achieve 20th rank for the State Universities (PTN) and maintain the 1st position for Islamic National State Universities (PTKIN). “Hopefully, both website content and publication of scientific journals is getting intensified, both in Indonesian and English. Thus, our Webometrics rank will increase.” (ika p/lrf/umar)

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