Syahida Inn, UIN News—UIN Jakarta is commited to annihilate number of finding in the audit of financial report for the budget year 2015. Aside of reaching an achievement of No Suspicion with No Exception (Wajar Tanpa Pengecualian/WTP) in its financial report, the commitment made possible of every rupiah spent in UIN Jakarta is reported transparent and used in a responsible manner.

This is the same as what was uttered by the Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA during his opening remarks on   Workshop of Financial Management, with theme of Socialization of Remuneration, IKU and SPI Charter Working Contract Urgency (Sosialisasi Remunerasi, Urgensi Kontrak Kinerja IKU dan SPI Charter) in Syahida Inn, Monday (26/10). The workshop which was organized by Internal Audit Unit (Satuan Pengawas Intern/SPI) was attended by Vice Rectors, Deans, Heads of Bureaus, and Heads of Units.

“One of the thing that I requested to SPI is that no matter what, this year we should be able to achieve zero finding,” said the Rector.

In the effort to annihilate finding, every working unit must use its budget in an optimum way. Besides avoiding friends, such budget spending is very effective in avoiding auditory finding by Inspectorat General Ministry of Religious Affairs as well as Financial Auditory Body.

Then, each units should report their spending in a standardized format. The reporting process is also expected to be done in a short time, so that the budget spending cycle can be done as soon as possible.

 Optimization of the Role of SPI

In annihilating number of auditory finding for budget year 2015, said the Rector, he requested SPI to optimize auditory finding from the upstream down to the downstream. Aside of optimizing the budget spending, such step may be done to make a transparent and responsible report.

“To make zero finding possible, SPI will be tight in auditing process even until the pre-auditory process, like in the case of unfinished payment verification in the Finance Unit, then the payment should be transfered to SPI to be checked,” he exposited.

According to the Rector, optimization of SPI’s role is needed since the auditing process, both by Inspectorat General, Ministry of Religious Affairs and by the Financial Auditory Body, usually takes one month. Such time range is not enough to UIN Jakarta’s audit budget spending.

In order to make the auditory done by the two institutions effective, optimization of auditing done by SPI from the upstream down to the downstream in the management of UIN Jakarta is highly needed. “That is why, please do not have suspicion on SPI auditor. That is all done only for the sake of our university,” added the Rector.

Furthermore, the Rector said that auditory process aimed at producing Financial Report free of any findings is highly needed due to the fact that UIN Jakarta is one of Islamic Higher Education Institutions that is in the working area of Inspectorat General, Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Financial Auditory Body. This status is based on high “DIPA” budget owned by UIN Jakarta.(HMN/LRF)

Translated by Muhammad Ichsan Fadillah

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