Rectorate, UIN News Online – The UIN Jakarta Start Up Team won first place at the Quantum 2021 Smart IT Festival (SIF) Start Up Competition which was held virtually on August 13 to October 2, 2021.

The SIF Quantum 2021 Start Up Competition which was held by Sebelas Maret University, Solo, was attended by various universities throughout Indonesia. In the competition, the UIN Jakarta Start Up Team won the first place, while the second and third winners were respectively won by PSDKU UNS Madiun and UIN Yogyakarta.

The UIN Jakarta team consisting of Ade Rianto (student of the Family Law department), Muhammad Arif Suwari (student of the Informatics Engineering department), and Taufik Nur Rohman (student of the Islamic Broadcasting and Communication department). They are mentored by Citra Ayu Kusrina (student of the Informatics Engineering Study Program), the previous winner in the Start Up field. In this competition, they presented a Start Up Plan called “Nikahpedia”

The SIF Quantum 2021 Start Up Competition begins with the Executive Summary collection starting on August 13 – September 3, 2021. Then proceed to the second stage, namely the collection of proposals until it ends in the final round, namely the presentation of Start Up plans in front of the investors. In the final round, investors left three teams, namely UIN Jakarta, PSDKU UNS Madiun, and UIN Yogyakarta.

The head of the Family Law department, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Mesraini, to BERITA UIN Online, Monday (10/04/2021), stating that she was proud of the achievements of the UIN Jakarta Start Up team. He also appreciated the hard work of the team that had brought the good name of UIN Jakarta on the national level.

“I am proud of what one of my students has achieved. This is part of the initial step for the Family Law Study department to assist students in reaching their goals. This achievement is also in line with advances in information technology,” she said. (usa/ns/ts)


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