SC, UIN News Online – To celebrate the 74th Hari Amal Bakti (HAB)of the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs , UIN Jakarta holds flag hoisting ceremony at student center, campus I of UIN Jakarta, Friday (01/03/2020). Acting as the ceremony inspector, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis.

At the ceremony, Rector delivered a written speech by the Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs Fahcrul Razi. Fachrul in his written speech said that the HAB was a reflection of gratitude to Allah SWT and appreciation for the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs founders.

According to Fachrul, the Ministry of Religious Affairs was established at 3 January 1946 with Haji Mohammad Rasjidi as Minister of Religious Affairs. Its establishment is to implements the Article 29 of the 1945 Constitution.

The Article 29 of the 1945 Constitution, he continued, has two meanings. First, the basis of the One and only God as the underlying fundamentals in organizing the country. Second, the state guarantees all persons the freedom of worship, each according to his/her own religion or belief.

In Indonesia, no one is allowed to carry out anti-religious propaganda, defamation of religious teachings and religious symbols, and violence against adherents of different religions.

“Likewise, the policies must not conflict with the rules of religion and state ideology,” he said

In addition, Fachrul also invites all levels in the Ministry of Religious Affairs to become agents of change in strengthening inter-religious harmony among religious believers in the framework of developing the country and maintaining national integration.

After leading the ceremony, Rector Amany Lubis also presented Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s award to 175 UIN Jakarta civil servants in the form of Satyalencana Karya Satya for 10 years, 20 years and 30 years of service. A 10 year Satyalencana was given to 98 people, a 20 year Satyalencana to 52 people, and a 30 year Satyalencana to 25 people. (usa)

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