SC ground, UIN News Online – The Leaders, Civitas Academica, and employees of UIN Jakarta held a Ceremony to commemorating Indonesia’s 71th Independence Day at Student Center ground, Wednesday (8/17) started at 06:00 local time (WIB), and begin with the hoisting of the national flag by UIN Jakarta flag-hoisting squad (Paskibra).

Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr. Dede Rosyada acted as the inspector of ceremony, Pancasila was read by Dr. Zubair M.Ag (Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Alumni, and Cooperation from the Faculty of Adab and Humanities), proclamation was read by Dr Ahmad Tholabi MA (Vice Dean of General Administration from the Faculty of Syari’ah and Law), Dr Fauzan MA (Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Alumni and Cooperation from Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training) as a reader for the preamble of 1945 Constitution Of Indonesia, and prayer recitation led by Dr Suryadinata M.Ag (Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Alumni and Cooperation from Faculty of Ushuluddin).

In his speech, the rector expressed his gratitude to all the participants who were present at the ceremony. Rector hopes in this historical moment, we can increase our nationalism and patriotism which implies to the performance improvement and dedication to the institution.

At the end of the ceremony, the rector on behalf the President of the Republic of Indonesia, pinning the Satyalencana Karya Satya award to 28 civitas academica of UIN Jakarta who have served for ten years, 20 years and 30 years.

“A total of five people who have served for 30 years, 20 years as many as seven people, and 16 individuals who have served in UIN Jakarta for 10 years,” said the Head of Organization, Personnel and Legislation Division Kuswara S.Ag, M.Si, when met by UIN News Online team after the ceremony.(lrf/umar)

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