Auditorium Harun Nasution,BERITA UIN Online— Center for Gender and Children Studies (PSGA) of UIN Jakarta cooperate with Department of medicine FKIK UIN Jakarta, Makmur Jaya Clinic, Yayasan Kanker Indonesia and RS Syarif Hidayatullah (UIN Jakarta’s hospital) conduct “UIN Jakarta Peduli” to all civitas academica of UIN Jakarta in Auditorium of Harun Nasution on Thursday, April 21. This agenda is expected to start at 8.00 a.m with aim to bring over awareness about safeguarding people’s health.

Based on the data published by PSGA, UIN Jakarta Peduli was encompassing three events namely health seminar, early detection of cervical cancer and free medicinal treatment. For health seminar, PSGA represents dr Budiman Sp.OG as a speaker. This seminar is expected to give more information and awareness about the importance of healthy reproduction.

The next agenda is early detection of cervical cancer, assume to facilitate the women to take care of their reproduction organ and detect the disease that may happen in the future. PSGA records that cancer is the second largest diseases that suffering women worldwide.

At least 500.000 women in the world is suffered from cervical cancer and 270.000 of them were died each year. In Indonesia, cervical cancer is often against women. Without any compromise, every women in the world are facing the threat of this disease caused by Human Papilloma virus. Even, cervical cancer infects and kills women in age between 30 – 500 years old. “Because of the potential risk caused by this cancer, as a woman we should do early detection,” said Ir. Rahmi Purnomowati M.Si, head of PGSA. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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