3Toronto University, News UIN online- In order to introduce Indonesian Islam, UIN Jakarta visited the Islamic Center of the Middle East and several Canadian universities.

In the first visit on Monday (3/21/2016), UIN Jakarta sent two delegates, namely the Head of the Institute of Research and Community Service (LP2M) Dr M Arskal Salim GP MA and the Head of the International Cooperation Service (PLKI) Rachmat Baihaky MA, received by the Master of great Islamic Law at the Faculty of Law, at the University of Toronto Professor Mohammad Fadel who is also is the current leader of the Islamic Studies Center In The Middle East.

Fadel said at the University of Toronto they already have an existing center stand for Turkish Islamic studies and Arabic, but they have not developed an Indonesian Islamic studies center yet.

“Here we already established a research center for studying the development of Islam in Turkey and the Middle East. We are also eager to learn the development of Islam in Indonesia, but until now there have not been any study centers established for this, at the University of Toronto, “said Fadel.

Fadel continued, the reason is the absence of teachers for the Indonesian language courses offered by the Government of Indonesia, as done by the government of Turkey and The Middle East.

UIN Jakarta plans to become a pioneer of the teaching of the Indonesian language as a first step in introducing Indonesian Islam and pioneering study centers to build on the development of Islam in Indonesia.

“We will plan to bring Indonesian lecturers of UIN Jakarta to provide Indonesian language courses at the University of Toronto for free,” said Arskal.

In addition, some also discussed the agenda of the cooperation plans, including a public lecture on Islam in Indonesia in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, the Visiting Professor of Islamic Studies, Politics, and International Relations, and the visiting Lecturer for the Indonesian Courses.

After the meeting at the University of Toronto, in a series of agendas and programs, the delegation of UIN Jakarta will also hold meetings with several parties, namely the Chairman of the Canadian Centre for Deen Studies once held a Public Lecture on Monday (3/21/2016), the Rector of Mc Master University, Tuesday (03/22/2016), the Director of Islamic Studies of Waterloo University, the Dean of Social Studies, the Dean of the Lutheran Seminary Willfrid Laurier University, and the Rector of the University of Guelph, Wednesday (23/03/2016).

The last scheduled program on Thursday (03/24/2016), is to meet with the leaders of Sheridan College University. During the visit, the delegation will be accompanied by Fuad Fanani, Lecturer at UIN Jakarta participant S3 Program in Political Science University of Toronto. (mf/ssp)

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