Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online—UIN Jakarta becomes the top six contributor of library literature search online in Indonesia, OneSearch (IOS, This contribution is expected to encourage literacy of readers throughout the country, minimize plagiarism of academic work, and increase the number of academic cate UIN Jakarta.

This was conveyed by Head of UIN Jakarta Library Center, Amrullah Hasbana S.Ag., SS., MA when contacted by UIN News NEWS, Wednesday (01/11/2017). “Alhamdulillah, we can be the top six contributor page Indonesia Onesearch. Hopefully helped foster Indonesian culture of literacy,” he said.

On the page, UIN Jakarta has contributed 139,234 literary texts. Meanwhile, the five largest contributors in the sequence is National Library of Indonesia as many as 785,635 manuscripts, BPAD DI Yogyakarta as many as 1878,400 manuscripts, Lambung Mangkurat University as many as 170,920 manuscripts, Andalas University as many as 167.796 manuscripts, and Petra Christian University Surabaya 158,647 manuscripts.

The UIN Jakarta Partnership and achievements to the top six contributors in Indonesia Onesearch, Amrullah continued, is very useful for improving the image of the institution and encouraging public literasi homeland. For institutions, this partnership will improve reader access and citation rates that are a measure of Webometrics rating feasibility.

Still for institutions, he continued, contributions in these online pages can map institutional knowledge. “The higher the citation is done, the world also knows more expert in UIN Jakarta,” he added.

As for readers, the partnership of UIN Jakarta’s contribution to the page enables students and readers to be more effective in sourcing and exploring ideas. “Another important thing, it allows them to avoid plagiarism,” he explained.

Furthermore, Amrullah added that UIN Jakarta’s contribution ratings on the page can increase even higher if all the faculty and graduate school libraries are also integrated. With the current top six positions, UIN Jakarta’s contribution is sourced from the library collection of Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, Faculty of Adab and Humanities, Faculty of Ushuluddin, Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Science, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Science Social and Political Science.

In the page, Indonesia OneSearch IOS is a one stop searching provider for all public collections from libraries, museums and archives all over Indonesia. In addition, the portal also provides access to international electronic resources (e-resources) subscribed by the National Library of Indonesia to all registered members.

Until the news was released, Indonesia OneSearch partners consisted of the National Library of Indonesia, 537 universities, 70 ministries / government agencies at the central and regional level, 48 public libraries, and 10 schools, and four archival providers. To become an Indonesia OneSearch For partner, each repository must provide an Open Archive Initiatives-based API, a metadata retrieval protocol that uses more than 75% of the world’s repositories. (usa)

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