Jakarta, UIN News Online – After passing the and proper test, Wednesday, (9/13), the House of Representatives of Indonesia (DPR-RI) finally appointed Dr. H Yasardin SH MHum to became the Supreme Court Justice for religious affairs.

Currently, he is still serving as Deputy Head of Banten High Religios Court. Previously, he served as Judicial Justice of The High Religious Court in Jakarta. Additionally, alumni from the Faculty of Sharia and Law (FSH) UIN Jakarta also served as High Court Justice of High Religious Court in Palembang, Head of South Jakarta Religious Court, and Chairman of Depok Religious Court.

In addition to Yasardin, the House of Representatives also appointed four other Supreme Court Justice candidates, namely Yunus Wahab SH MH for civil affairs, Dr Gazalba Saleh SH MH for criminal affairs, Colonel (Chk) Hidayat Manao SH MH for military affairs, and r. H Yodi Martono Wahyunadi SH MH for State Administration affairs. They will be ratified next week in the House of Representatives plenary session, and will be sworn in by the President.

During the fit and test, Yasardin and other candidates can provide satisfactory answers to the questions posed. In addition, the shortage of Supreme Court justices is another consideration of the DPR. The House of Representatives is worried that the lack of a Supreme Court justice could lead to a buildup of cases in the Supreme Court.  This is because the Supreme Court Judge proposed by KY and approved by the House of Representatives is still not meeting the amount required by the Supreme Court.

Previously, the Supreme Court proposed 6 Supreme Court Justices with details of 1 Supreme Court  Justice for criminal affairs, 2 Civil affairs, 1 for Religious affairs, 1 for the State Administration affairs and 1 for Military affairs. (usa)

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