Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online– UIN Jakarta had yet another successful percentage performance in 2015 as measured along the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which reached 99.55%. This achievement percentage contributed by the performance of the seven main sectors, namely income Tax State Revenue (non-tax revenues) BLU, the growth of non-tax revenues, the study program accreditation, faculty qualifications, qualifications graduate GPA above 3.0, scientific works, and the satisfaction of student services.

Thus UIN Jakarta 2015 Performance Report submitted by Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA in a Leadership Working Meeting in 2016 which took place in Main Auditorium, on Wednesday (10/02). “Overall, looking at various indicators of measurement, there is a pretty good progress on institutional performance at UIN Jakarta,” he said.

For the non-tax revenue ratio, for example, had achieved a total 33.91% or Rp 148.24 billion of total operating costs at UIN Jakarta Rp437.12 billion. Achievement of this ratio is only slightly distant from the target constellation PNBP BLU revenues in 2015 by 35% to total operating costs (Pure Rupiah and non-tax revenues).

In terms of achievements, the value of non-tax revenues had been Rp148.24 billion in 2015, this was higher than the achievement of a similar figure in 2014. In that year, the value of non-tax revenues UIN Jakarta only reached Rp133.40 billion.

On the accreditation side Prodi, 2015 KPI’s achievements of a targeted score of 348 or 350 can be achieved only with a difference of two points. These scores contributed from Prodi accreditations had a score of the Undergraduates 348.25, 321.77 in the Master program accreditation scores, and a score of 374.00 in S3 Program accreditation.

In the aspect of qualification, lecturers with a doctorate in 2015 targeted KPI 26%, but had achieved higher, an amount of 29.41%. Thus, there is a difference in the accomplishment 3:41%. “This exceeded the target. Hopefully this year (2016 ed.) we can reach 40%, “said Rector.

For qualified graduates with a GPA of 3:00, from a target of 70% or 3,210 people graduated with a GPA of 3:00 at UIN, UIN Jakarta managed to post graduates that graduated with a GPA above 3:00 as many as 4,064 people. That is, from a total of 4,599 graduates of undergraduates, then graduates that graduated with a GPA of above 3:00 reached 88.37%.

“While the lesser than 3:00 GPA as 535 students or 11.6% of total graduates. Thus, there is a difference in achievements worth 18:30% of the target, “he explained.

In the field of scientific work, publications of scientific articles published by the faculty nationally-accredited international journals reached the target of 120 articles of 158 articles. With this amount, the percentage achieving the target of reaching 75%.

For the satisfaction index of student services, UIN Jakarta won worth of service satisfaction index was higher 3:27 or 0:27 than the targeted scores of 3, 2015. KPI measurement services were satisfactory according to three sources, namely SPI survey is 2.92, the Bureau of Planning and Finance 3.82, and EDOM AIS 3:07, “So come 3:27 or predicated mean very well,” said Rector again.

With the achievement of such percentages, The Rector appreciated the performance of the entire faculty in various lines of work tasks. “Hopefully we can continue to maintain this achievement, even Rev again,” he hoped.

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators/KPI is an instrument used to measure the success of an organization’s strategic goals and objectives. KPIs are useful to obtain performance information that is important and necessary in implementing performance management well, and to obtain a measurement of success of achieving the organization’s strategic goals and objectives that are used for performance improvement and increased accountability for performance. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee Peters)

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