Ciputat, UIN NEWS Online — The amount of Lecturer of Political Science who held Doctoral Degree at Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (FISIP) UIN Jakarta increases after one of its lecturer, Burhanuddin Muhtadi, got his doctoral degree from Departement of Political and Social Change, Australian National University (ANU). Burhanuddin got his degree after defending his dissertation entitled Buying Votes in Indonesia: Partisans, Personal Networks and Winning Margins.

The graduation announcement of the “election and voters behavior” lecturer and was obtained through congratulatory and invitation to Burhanuddin to attend the graduation ceremony of ANU Division of Student Administration on Friday (06/08/2018). “It is our pleasure to tell you that on 5 June 2018, the Associate Dean of the ANU College of Asia and Pacific expressed appreciation for your doctor’s graduation. Congratulations on this important achievement, “notes the letter as quoted NEWS UIN Online, Friday (06/08/2018)

Burhanuddin’s success in obtaining his own doctoral degree increases the number of political science lecturer FISIP UIN Jakarta in S3 level education. Previously, UIN Jakarta already has a doctorate lecturer in political science, both domestic and foreign graduates, such as Prof. Dr. Bahtiar Effendy from Ohio State University, Dr. Saiful Mujani from Ohio State University, Dr. Ali Munhanif from McGill University, and Ahmad Bakir Ihsan from the University of Indonesia.

In addition to teaching, Burhanuddin himself is quite active in conducting research, publications, and political consultations. He is still active or has served as Executive Director of Indonesia Political Indicator and Director of Survey Institute of Indonesia. In addition to popular articles in Indonesian mass media, several serious articles are published in various international journals such as Asian Journal of Social Science, the Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies, and The Asian Journal of Social Policy. His recently published book is the PKS Dilemma: Between Sound and Shari’ah (2012).

Long before his doctorate in political science, Burhanuddin first obtained his MA degree from Faculty of Asian Studies, Australian National University (ANU) with political specialization in Indonesia in 2008. His own undergraduate degree was achieved from the Department of Tafsir Hadith, Ushuluddin Faculty, IAIN now UIN), Jakarta (usa)

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