Toronto, UIN NEWS Online– UIN Jakarta invites Canadian university academics to jointly carry out research with academics UIN Jakarta. Because the UIN Jakarta itself has a scheme that allows academics researching the world at UIN Jakarta.

This was conveyed by UIN Jakarta delegation consisting of the Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Services GP Dr M Arskal Salim MA and the Head of the International Cooperation Service Rachmat Baihaky MA on the trip to various universities in Canada, Monday-Thursday (21-24/03). Both present a variety of international academic programs offered by UIN Jakarta.

At the University of Toronto (UOT) Canada, for example, the delegation explained UIN Jakarta invitations directly in front of the Vice Chancellor of Graduate Education and Review Program Prof Dr Joshua Barker and Director of International Strategy and the Partnership and Vinitha Gengatharan. At this meeting, presented international academic programs offered by UIN Jakarta for local academics and international.

“The programs will include Visiting Professor particularly in the field of Islamic Studies, Politics, and International Relations and Visiting Lecturer for teaching the Indonesian Language and Islam,” said Arskal.

Given the importance of the participation of the academic world, Arskal uot convince academics from Canada to participate in this international academic program. According to academic work collaboratively as a concrete manifestation of inter-university cooperation.

“Through academic programs that are positioned like this, it will be able to open a lot of opportunities for cooperation between universities in the future,” he added.

On the same occasion, Baihaky also delivered Rector scholarships of UIN Jakarta Legal Bureau of Foreign Cooperation and the Ministry of Religious Affairs to be accessible to students of Canada. “Both of these scholarships specifically intended for foreign students, especially in graduate programs,” explained Baihaky.

Described Baihaky, Rector of UIN Jakarta Scholarships are given in the form of tuition, course Indonesian and boarding fees. While the Bureau of Religious Affairs Fellow awarded including the cost of living (living cost) until they graduated from the University.

“These scholarships cover the cost of tuition, Indonesian language course, boarding fees, return ticket, visa fees and residency, living cost, insurance, and the cost of the tests,” said Baihaky. In addition to the leadership of the University of Toronto, the same invitation also presented the delegation UIN Jakarta to the leadership of the Canadian Centre for Deen Studies, led Mc Master University, Director of Islamic Studies of Waterloo University, Dean of the Lutheran Seminary Willfrid Laurier University, the leader of Guelph University and Sheridan College University.

Meanwhile, Professor of Islamic Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto Professor Mohammad Fadel specifically requesting UIN Jakarta Indonesia opened the Centre for Islamic Studies in Canada. According to Fadel, at the University of Toronto which has been a center stand for Turkish Islamic studies and Arabic, but there is no center of Islamic studies in Indonesia.

“In fact, we are also eager to learn the development of Islam in Indonesia, but until now no study program has been provided at the University of Toronto,” said Fadel.

Fadel explained that the presence of study centers could thus do UIN Jakarta and Indonesia in providing teaching Indonesian. Two centers of Islamic studies and Arabic Turkish language courses also provided by the two countries so as to make the learning process study centers run well.

In response, The UIN Jakarta initiative will become a pioneer of the teaching of Indonesian as a first step the introduction of Islam in Indonesia and pioneering study centers development of Islam in Indonesia. “We will provide Indonesian lecturers from UIN Jakarta to traverse to Canada to teach the Indonesian language courses at the University of Toronto for free,” said Arskal. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee)

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