PK Bureau, UIN NEWS Online—UIN Jakarta will implement online budgeting based in 2016 through Online Budget Business Plan Information System (SIRBA). In addition to expected increases budget absorption accordance with the cycle, this system also expected encourages transparency and accountability of budgeting in UIN Jakarta.

This was conveyed by the Head of Planning and Finance Bureau, Drs. Subarja M.Pd, to UIN NEWS Online in his office, Monday (31/8). “If the previous year and now as the trial, then next year we are obligate all the units to applied this application,” he said.

Through SIRBA Online, he said, all units need to upload the whole work programs and financial needs which planned in SIRBA form. Through a system provided by SIRBA, the implementation of those programs could be monitored. Even the result of implementation could be seen as well.

“By doing so, the rector or leaders related to program and budgeting could monitor how far the implementation of planned programs in real time. If it is slow or no absorbing at all, it will be easy to control,” he added.

In addition to simplify the surveillance of budgeting implementation, he continued, SIRBA Online also allows the efficiency and effectiveness of budgets management. Since each units could upload directly program planning without doing it manually.

Related to the implementation of this system, Subarja hoped all units in UIN Jakarta are discipline to keep updating the information about budgets which already contained in SIRBA. Maturity of planning in the upstream budgets is absolutely necessary to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of management. (TAM/HNM/ZM)

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