Syahida Inn, UIN News—UIN Jakarta will equip its graduates with certificate of expertise respective to their own study concentration. By doing so, it means, besides diploma, the graduates will be equipped by Letter of Information In Addition to the Diploma (Surat Keterangan Pendamping Ijazah/SKPI) to ease their search for jobs in the jobmarket.

This was the same as what was uttered by the Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA while officially opening the Workshop of Financial Management, with theme of Socialization of Remuneration, IKU and SPI Charter Working Contract Urgency (Sosialisasi Remunerasi, Urgensi Kontrak Kinerja IKU dan SPI Charter) in Syahida Inn, Monday (26/10). The skill development is given due to the increasing of interest in society to study in UIN Jakarta.

The keen interest, according to the Rector, is due to the huge expectation of society towards the graduates of UIN Jakarta. Such condition forced UIN Jakarta to prepare the very favored condition for its graduates to compete in the jobmarket.

“I asked to the society, what made them interested to study in UIN Jakarta. They answered, because UIN Jakarta is commited to develop a professional santri,” he said.

The society, said the Rector, thought about a professional santri (Islamic students) as a graduate that have Islamic concentration who are ready to compete in the jobmarket. Meanwhile, for the graduates who come from general (i.e. non-Islamic) studies, they are expected to have an attitude and thought like a santri.

“Consequently, UIN Jakarta as an Islamic Higher Education Institution should be ready in equipping each of its graduates their respective concentration.”

Responding to such regulation, the Vice Dean for Students and Alumni Affairs in the Faculty of Sharia and Law (Fakultas Syariah dan Hukum/FSH) Dr Yayan Sopyan MH, uttered that his party has been making effort to establish cooperation with various partner institutes. They are the Consitutional Court and the Supreme Court, and various Sharia Financial and Islamic Banking Institutes, to name a few.

Besides academic development, the partner institutes are expected to give training to the students who have interest in developing a professional skill in the field of Law and Sharia Finance. “This is somewhat a phase for the students to prepare themselves before entering the professional world,” he said.

A similar path is taken by the Faculty of Adab and Humanities (Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora/FAH). Vice Dean for Students Affairs Dr Zubair MA expressed that the Faculty has been organizing several trainings to push forward the skills of its students. One of the trainings is the Journalism Training.

“Journalism is a professional skill. By training, we hope that we can equip them with a professional skill needed for them to pursue their career in journalism,” he said.

Profession of Translator

In a separate ocassion, the Professor of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Nabilah Lubis MA encourages the students of UIN Jakarta to look closer to the profession of translator, especially in translating the world’s literature products. According to Nabilah, avid readers in Indonesia is still very dependent on translated products to enjoy a product of thought and literature of the world as a result of limited skill in foreign languages.

Nabilah who happened to be the translator for Novel Habibie dan Ainun to Arabic uttered that Indonesia is a huge market for the world’s literature products. However, this condition is not in line with the knowledge of foreign languages in which the literature products are written.

“This pushes the needs of a high-quality work of translation,” said the Chairwoman of Alo Indonesia Magazine.

For this, Nabilah said that the profession of translator requires one to sustainably increase his competence and knowledge. Besides, the translators are also required to be discipline, commited, and focus more on working rather than receiving rewards. (ZM/LRF/TAM/SF)

Translated by Muhammad Ichsan Fadillah

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