Jakarta, UIN News—As many as 20 employees of UIN Jakarta studies about archiving system directly in National Archives of Republic of Indonesia (ANRI), Ampera Raya Boulevard No. 7, South Jakarta, Thursday (15/10).
The activity which followed by the employees who have responsibility as the archives organizer in various bodies and faculties in UIN Jakarta was led directly by the Head of Sub-Bureau Administration, AndaliaRozaS.Pd.I. On that occasion, team of UIN Jakarta welcomed by the Head of Center III Sub-Directorate on Guidance and Development of Higher Education Archives of ANRI, Abdul Harris M SH, M.Si.
In her speech, Andalia said, direct learning about archiving in ANRI aims to give an archiving knowledge to the archives managers in UIN Jakarta. In addition to the creation of archives retention schedule, functional archives and archives management needs.
“Through this program, it is hoped that archiving activity will be more organize, neat, and orderly, so the quality of administration services in UIN Jakarta will be more effective and efficient.
Andalia added, archiving is very needed by UIN Jakarta as the higher education institution with many faculties and bodies inside. “In a modern organization, archives are memories for what the organization has done”, she said.
Meanwhile, Abdul suggests UIN Jakarta to immediately create an archiving special unit. According to him, the presence of that section is in harmony with the mandate of Constitution No. 43 Year 2009 about Archiving.
“At the Article 16 of the 43rd constitution mentioned that besides the province and local government, Universities also has obligation to form their own Archives Institution,” he said.
On that occasion, participants had a chance to see directly the right and proper process of archives circulation. Participants also could have consultation about archiving process in higher education, human resources, infrastructures, institutional, and the maintenance. (LRF/ZM/IPM)

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