Pusdiklat, Ministry of Religious Affairs, UIN News—Tens of educators from UIN Jakarta attended the dissemination of General Functional Position (Jabatan Fungsional Umum/JFU) and Particular Functional Position (Jabatan Fungsional Tertentu/JFT) in Pusdiklat Building, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Republic of Indonesia, Monday-Tuesday (12-13/10). The dissemination is expected to push upward the working quality as well as to become the basis to assign the educators in the position fit their interests.

The Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA appreciated the dissemination of JFU and JFT organized by Human Resources Unit of the University. According to him, the dissemination will increase awareness in educators about their responsibility as civil servants, so that they will ultimately increase their working quality.

“We highly appreciate the dissemination. We hope that in the future, we can assign a fit position to our staffs regarding their interests and areas of expertise. By doing so, we are sure that the working quality of our staffs will be effective and efficient,” said the Rector.

To be noted, JFU and JFT are two important mandate from the Consitution Number 5 Year 2014 about State Civil Servant. JFT is a functional position where the assignment of position and pre-conditioned promotion. Meanwhile, JFT has a similar function but with no condition in the preceding promotion.

As of its implementation in UIN Jakarta, the Rector requested the need for ratio of work measurement which is clear and strict. The ratio that is meant here is the measurement for work performance and responsibility which needed to be fulfilled by every staffs. Besides indicating the responsibility of each staffs’ work, the ratio also made possible the working evaluation to be done.

“This is all done, with no other aim to increase effectivity and efficiency of working performance of UIN Jakarta’s staffs in fulfilling their duty to serve and to educate,” he said. (LRF)Translated by Muhammad Ichsan Fadillah

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