Harun Nasution Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online– Backs 1,371 graduates whom completed their degree programs, master’s, and doctoral degrees, Saturday-Sunday (20-21/02). 1,371 graduates graduated by the set decree of the Rector No. 76 of 2016, upon graduation the best Graduates and Graduates of the 99th Masters at UIN Jakarta.

The Rector noted, the edition of most graduates of this graduation comes from FITK of the amount of 786 people (bachelors-masters), followed by FST 103 people, and Feb 87. Furthermore, a native of FSH 72, FDIK 70, FKIK 59, Psychology 52 persons same as FAH who graduated 52 people, FU 38, FISIP 23, FDI had 12 people, plus the Graduate School (Master and Doctoral) by 17 people.

At graduation, the university has also appointed 15 best graduates. From undergraduate programs, selected Apriyadi Romadon Pramata (FDI, GPA 3.66), Andhita Nooryani (Social, GPA 3.78), Shofa Widyani (Psychology, GPA 3.86), Abdillah (FU, GPA 3.91), Asriani Rizki Putri (FKIK GPA 3:53), and Indi Nisauf Fikry Sakila (FAH, GPA 3.69). Furthermore, Septiani Butterfly (FEB, GPA 3.70), Iin Inawati (FST, GPA 3.85), then Wirda (FDIK, GPA 3.86), Anisah (FITK, GPA 3.87), and Raynaldo Nugroho (FSH, GPA 3.87 /).

The best comes from the Master Graduate program Faculties and Graduate doctoral scholar programs. Altogether, Ahmad Jauharuddin (S2 Psychology, GPA 3.68), joints (S2 FAH, GPA 3:57), and Irfan Aziz (S2 FITK, GPA 3.84). The best graduate of the doctoral program earned by Muhammad Yusuf (S3 concentration of Sharia, GPA 3:59).

In addition to the passing procession, graduation themed Transformation Research Universities are this time being the Ministry of Rural enlivened scientific papers, Rural Development and Transmigration Marwan Jafar. Graduation also saw the appointment of Prof. Dean FKIK Dr. Arif Branch SKM, M. Kes as Professor of Environmental Health Sciences.

In his speech, Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA asked the new graduates of the, master’s, and doctoral divisions of UIN Jakarta to act with total and complete modesty towards society. He also asked the graduates to always maintain Islamic identity as their differentiating value between college & Varsity graduates.

On the same occasion, the Secretary of the Senate of the University Prof Dr MA Suwito also encouraged graduates to be ready to compete in work and creativity. But as alumni, he said, graduates are expected to continue to provide advice and criticism for the academic progress of UIN Jakarta ahead.

On the other hand, Marwan invited scholars back to their home towns to strengthen the socio-economic-cultural area. According to him, the scholars claimed to be an important part of the revival of villages throughout Indonesia. Theoretical and managerial capabilities they will be expected to accelerate the development of this area. “Thinking, innovation, technology, combined with magnanimity as guardians of civilization, will be the rise of the capital of their home towns,” he said.

Marwan added, the need for involvement of universities and scholars because the development paradigm, Indonesia has tended to neglect the development of society and rural areas. As a result, these villages have always been a major contributor to the national poverty rate in the history of national economic development. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee Peters)

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