Rectorat Building, UIN NEWS online– The center for the Study of Gender and Children (PSGA) UIN Jakarta bestowed a Women Award to Prof. Dr. Amany Lubis MA and Prof. Dr. Zaitunah Subhan MA. Both female lecturers have judged worthy in obtaining awards for various track records expected to inspire women in society and the public environment UIN Jakarta.

Said the Chairman of UIN Jakarta PSGA Ir. Rahmi Purnomowati M.Si in his office on Friday (04/03). “From a number of the proposed names, the selection committee finally chose Prof. Amany and Prof Zaitunah as UIN Women Award recipients this year,” he said.

Rahmi said, from a number of the proposed names, almost all women have track records of achievement. Besides being active in the area of ​​professional and activism, either as a teacher or administrator of the organization, they have an average high enough concern to the family. “But from a variety of indicators, we finally chose the name as a recipient of this award,” he said.

Known, well Zaitunah and Amany are two academics from UIN Jakarta which posted a lot of academic achievements. Besides active in academic organizations, both known to be active in a wide range of Islamic social organizations.

FYI, Amany is a Professor of Political History of Islam in the Faculty of Sharia and Law. Women born in Cairo December 22, 1963 studying at Al-Azhar University in Cairo and UIN Jakarta. In between busy teaching, the mother of Ayman, Akram, and Radwa is active in various professional-academic forums. Besides being active in the Indonesian Ulamaah Council, Amany now recorded lead al-Majlis al-Alamy lil-‘Alimat al-Islamy (Maai), an organization of Muslim women intellectuals.

As with Amany, Zaitunah also received her degree at IAIN Sunan Ampel have been studying at the University of al-Azhar. After graduating from Egypt, and was born in Gresik, October 10, 1950 chose to devote themselves as lecturers, before being assigned to the Ministry of Religion and UIN Jakarta.

As academics concerned with the problems of women, Zaitunah had published a number of books which are not far from this concern. Among them, Tafsir Hatred (1999), Violence Against Women (2001 & 2004), Fostering Sakinah Family (2001 & 2004). Not only writing books, Zaitunah is also active in various communities and government organizations with the task not far from this issue empowerment of women. While still at IAIN Sunan Ampel, she was once believed to be chairman of the Center for Women’s Studies. She has also been trusted as Advisor to the Minister of the Ministry of Women Empowerment.

Amani was grateful and thankful for the award given PSGA. ‘Regardless of the reason, but this is an absolute surprise and motivational for me to give the best gait for UIN Jakarta, community, and nation,” she hoped. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee)

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