Rectorate, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Ushuluddin UIN Jakarta has two new professors. They are Prof Kusmana and Prof Ismatu Ropi. Kusmana was appointed a professor in the field of Hadith Interpretation, while Ismatu Ropi was appointed a professor in Comparative Religion Studies.

Kusmana, who was born in Tasikmalaya, teaches a number of Tafsir courses. In the Study of Qur’an and Tafsir Master’s Program department, Faculty of Ushuluddin, he teaches Ushul al-Tafsir courses and Approaches to the Study of the Quran and Tafsir.

At the Graduate School, both Masters and Doctoral programs, he teaches Introduction to Quran and Hadith Sciences and Quranic Exegesis Method courses.

Kusmana completed his undergraduate education in Tafsir Al-Qur’an and Hadith department, Faculty of Ushuluddin IAIN Jakarta. Then, he continued his master’s program at McGill University in Canada and the Doctoral Program at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Apart from being active in teaching, Kusmana is also active in publishing many articles in the form of books and journal articles that can be accessed at

Meanwhile, Ismatu Ropi, actively teaches a number of subjects in the field of Comparative Religion. among others, Approaches to Religious Studies, Islam in Western Studies, Religious Government Policies, and Judaism in the Religious Studies Program of the Faculty of Ushuluddin. At the Graduate School, he taught courses on Religious Movement, Radicalism and Terrorism.

Ropi is an alumnus of the IAIN Jakarta Comparative Study Program department (now, UIN Jakarta). He pursued his master’s degree at McGill University and a doctoral degree at The Australian National University.

Separately, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis congratulated the newly appointed proffesors, “Hopefully this achievement will motivate other lecturers in producing various academic works,” said Rector on Thursday (11/04/2021).

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