Batam, UIN News Online – Data Centre and Information Technology Division (Pustipanda) UIN Jakarta participate in national PTIPD-PTKIN Gathering Event, Thursday-Saturday, (11/2-4/2017), at Harris Batam Center, Batam.

Annual activities aimed at formulating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards towards the smart campus, is followed by 18 out of 57 Heads of PTPID throughout Indonesia.

Chairman of the event Syafrimen PhD, to UIN News Online through Pustipanda team who attended said that the current ICT is an inseparable part to improve the higher education institution quality. ICTs are useful for improving teaching-learning, research, libraries, and information services as well as university management. “Another goal of the meeting is for PTIPD-PTKIN in Indonesia as a forum for communication for better mutual progress,” said Syafrimen.

According to Syafrimen, smart campus is a blend of learning system using ICT, as one important factor in the process of students’ intelligence. In its development, smart campus requires some support both from infrastructure and applications.

Separately, the Rector of UIN Raden Intan Lampung Prof. Dr. Moh. Mukri MAg said that the meeting was quite important. “This is to equate perceptions related to information technology management at PTKIN, so there would be gap between one PTKIN with others,” he said.

Accoding to Rector, the current ICT advancement should be implemented especially in educational institutions. “If we talk about education, we talk about the future. Today almost all fields use technology. So, we must also care about the development of technology (information) in our respective institutions,” he added.

For information, event that was initiated by UIN Raden Intan, Lampung is filled with the materials related to ICT development towards smart campus that will be provided by the Team of PT Divusi (ITB Group). This activity is also supported by several institutions and companies such as Ruckus Wireless, Fortinet, Samsung, Prolink, Nutanix, Cisco, and PT Divusi. (usa)

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