SC Mosque, UIN NEWS Online– Social Trust Fund (STF) UIN Jakarta held a discussion and pray entitled Peace Messages for Myanmar and 1001 Pray Together for Myanmar at the Mosque of Student Center on Tuesday (19/09). The activities aimed at promoting public understanding of the country about the source of its conflict, the activities was Indonesia’s public participation in encouraging the reconciliation between communities in Myanmar which hit by conflict.

Presented as keynote speaker and opening the event, Vice Rector for Cooperation between UIN Jakarta Institute Prof. Dr. Murodi MA (representing Rector of UIN Jakarta which on the same occasion received guests from 11 Islamic University from Middle East), Director of STF UIN Jakarta Dr. Amelia Fauzia, Chairman of AKIM M. Ali Yusuf, and Directorate General of Multilateral Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia Salman al-Farisi. And Prof. Dr. Muhammad Quraish Shihab MA as leader in leading pray together.

In his delivery, Murodi appreciated the implementation of the event, he stressed out that the activities organized by STF was a proof that UIN Jakarta generally very concerned and supported the creation of justice and peace in Indonesia in particular and in the world at large.

“This is a valuable learning in humanity. As an academic institution, UIN Jakarta transports and contributes in every field of education. However, today UIN Jakarta proves it concerned and attention about the humanitarian crisis that occurred in Myanmar, “said Murodi.

At the end of his speech, Murodi hoped that this event which followed by at least 200 participants run smoothly and in line with expectations.

As stated earlier, Director of STF UIN Jakarta Dr Amelia Fauzia to UIN News online, Monday (18/09) stated that the event which was held by STF UIN Jakarta together with Humanity Alliance of Indonesia for Myanmar (AKIM) expected to explore public insight of the country about the sources of the conflict in Myanmaris.

He continued, STF UIN Jakarta itself has participated in humanitarian assistance program for Myanmar people affected by conflict through Humanitarian Assistance for Sustainable Community (HASCO), Thursday (31/08). The program was an Indonesian public initiative to socialize and educate the public to see conflicts in Myanmar clearly, including public facilitation which support for Rohingyas conflict-affected.

For information, STF UIN Jakarta was also involved in public donations to people of Myanmar. Donations can be sent through three bank accounts with account name Social Trust Fund UIN Jakarta, and the Banks are Mandiri 164.0000.585440, Syariah Mandiri 70.4126.2437, and BNI 026.5536.255. (usa-im)

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